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Thinking of selling a Mid to Northern Michigan campground or cabin resort?   Traverse North Realty is the leading brokerage for such properties, with years of success and experience.   Although there are many agents and brokerages that are able to list and sell these properties, Traverse North Realty has the proven expertise to close these often complicated deals.    Also, marketing recreational income properties is significantly more challenging than the typical property and we have dedicated the resources for maximum exposure.  With that said, we understand that many owners want confidentiality and we have a proven track record of selling resorts confidentially.

We have a large data base of potential buyers and use the internet extensively to market your property and find the right buyer.   We use a combination of our own dedicated web sites, along with third party sites that serve this niche market.  We also use third party commercial sites that advertise Nationally.   

We create detailed marketing information and have the ability for drone and walk through videos.   Click here to see a recent video we created for a Northern Michigan Cabin Resort.  Here is an example of a marketing packet for this property      

Here is a list of the marketing avenues we use, keeping in mind that if confidentiality is requested, we can identify your property with very generic pics and information.  

  • ​   View the site here


  •   View the site here

  • Traverse North Realty Resort Page    View the site here

  • RV Park Store  (3rd party site dedicated to Hospitality)

  • Crexi Commercial Site

  • Social Media, including paid placements

  • Monthly E Newsletters

  • Zillow, Trulia and as applicable

  • Multiple Listing Service (Northern Michigan Great Lakes + others)

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